Celtic Cross Gift Tile


This handmade Celtic cross ceramic tile is a hand carved ceramic tile by Fire Creek Clay. This tile is glazed in a Lustrous Jade; a glaze that is a soft minty green. The Celtic Cross tile is made from stoneware clay and fired to around 2200 for durability. The tile measures 5.25 inches and is set into a handcrafted oak frame. The finished piece measures 8 inches square. A unique gift or accent piece for your home.

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 A beautiful Celtic Cross in a soft minty green glaze is a special gift for anyone! Delicately carved, glazed and set into a handcrafted oak frame, this piece will sure to bring a smile for years to come!

Looking for this tile unframed? This tile can be made in a 5.25″ or a 6″ in a variety of glazes.

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