Dishware for the Vision Impaired

An elegant plate crafted just for you. Introducing handcrafted dishware for the vision impaired, coming Spring 2024 to Fire Creek’s Shop. Let me tell you […]

How to care for handmade pottery.

You just made a purchase of handmade ceramic pottery. The mug you use brings you so much joy every day, but you wonder, ‘what is […]

There is a reason for it all…

There is a reason why moving is at the top of the list of the top ten most stressful events in life. I am here […]

The Pesky Creative Bug

It is very difficult to squash the creative bug once it has been loosed; set free. Three months and sixteen days since the fires of […]

Fire Creek’s Studio is Moving!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Fire Creek will be moving the studio this Spring. Find out what that means for me and you!

Big Horn Sheep 6 Inch Tile

Dusk was falling and the brisk September chill crystallized the air. I rounded the corner of the narrow, dirt road that led to the rented […]

What a Crazy, Upside Down World…

Shelves are bare, purchase limits are a regular thing and gas prices are through the roof. We live in a crazy, upside down world and […]

Flower manglers unite.

Welcome awkward rose bunchers, carnations clump mutilators and mum bouquet manglers! The hours of staring glassy eyed at YouTube videos, desperate to learn the black […]

When the kiln gods disapprove

Potters hold fast to superstitions and folklore. Take, for example, the temperamental kiln god. Some devise tiny ceramic icons in their likeness to gain their […]

Following the call

I believe that any artist you ask will tell you that creativity never ceases. Often, creativity is relentless and chases away the hopes of peaceful […]