Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home.

~ And they are easier to care for than you think!

I WANT ceramic tile kitchen countertops. CRAZY, right??? I know! Perhaps, it is merely because I am a tile artist and have this funny obsession with tile, maybe it is because I was merely trying to save money by using my trade. There is some truth to those last two statements, but don’t think I didn’t do my homework. Tile may be my obsession and because it is my trade, it may save me some money, but this is a permanent fixture in my home…one that could cost me value. I did my research. I am familiar with the common complaints of ceramic tile countertops. People either love or hate ceramic tile countertops…there really is no in between.   I am not here to convince you or change your mind. I am here to give you the facts and let you decide for yourself.

tile countertops
My kitchen island before the remodel

1).Tile countertops are so hard to keep clean! My research found this to be the biggest complaint that I found with regards to ceramic tile countertops.  “Tile countertops are a breeding ground for germs”, “All the little grains of salt and sugar get stuck in the grout and are impossible to get out!”, or “Grout stains!”

Tile countertops are no more of a breeding ground for germs than any other counter surface. Ceramic tile is non porous, so there are absolutely no places for those little germs to hide. Do little germs hide in the grout? Perhaps, but now a days, there is a way around that as well. Many grout manufacturers now make grout that have not only anti-microbial properties built in but also have no need to be sealed.   The product I used in my kitchen was Fusion Pro by Custom Tile Installation Systems, a single component grout with Microban antimicrobial protection built in to the product.  No germs will be growing there! This product is also stain proof and does not require a sealant. The lovely grout you chose will look like new for years to come.

Are there food particles getting stuck into grout lines?  A little dustpan and brush is the quickest way to make them disappear.  It’s that simple!

Granite countertops are gorgeous and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but unlike tile, granite is porous.  Granite that is not sealed properly or regularly, will harbor those germs and will also be prone to staining. Yikes! Solid-surface countertops will scratch and if not repaired those gashes will hide those nasty critters.

2).Tiles will chip and crack.  Well, maybe.  A good wallop from a skillet or a glass dropping from the cabinet above may chip or crack a tile. Or maybe not… true story, my husband’s childhood home had tile countertops that survived 25 years and 4 children without a single crack or break!

Granite will chip as well and solid-surfaces can get deep gouges.  When a tile chips or cracks, a grout cutter and the extra tile you purchased and stored somewhere will fix it up in a jiffy.  (This is why I recommend purchasing at least 10% more than you need.  Glazes change throughout the years and can even vary with every firing…I want you to have the tile you need when you need it!)  When a granite countertop chips, it is costly due to replacing the entire slab!  Stubborn cuts or deep gouges require a professional repair, which means $$$!

tile countertops
The kitchen island with new hand crafted ceramic tile countertops

3). Ceramic Tile Countertops are uneven. Uh…well, you’ve got me there.  Tile countertops are uneven.  Use commercial tiles to get a flatter surface.  Cutting boards and placemats help level the counter while cooking and eating. Stemware may always tip…but for me…they tip even with out the uneven tile countertops!  Use a tile as a coaster, just keep the glass off of the joint line. Honestly, tile countertops will not cause your plates or glasses to tumble regularly to the floor. I have not lost a plate or glass ware due to tile countertops yet. Hand crafted tile will add to the texture, and it sure does add personality!

My house is a cute country home, complete with a wrap around porch and surrounded by giant pine trees. I knew that hand crafted ceramic tile would compliment the style of the home and add the texture and personality that I was looking for.

Any countertop surface on the market has its limitations. The decision is made solely by your personal preference.  I say if you like granite or solid surface countertops…go for it.  If you love the character that tile can give, don’t let anyone change your mind. It really does all come down to personal preference and the design that you are looking for.  A home should reflect those who dwell within it.

tile countertops
Such beautiful variation of color!


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