Using Wedi Systems 16 x 30 inch Cathedral Niche

I get lucky every once in awhile and get the chance to collaborate with some pretty awesome people that I meet while working with Fire Creek. Collaborating and networking with those in my industry help me find the best new tips, tricks and products to share with you. It also gives me the chance to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try something that I might not have.


It was at an Idaho Remodeling Show when I first met Barrett Reiner with Wedi Systems. We got to chatting about handmade tile and an awesome product called Wedi board. If you are about to remodel your shower or installing tile where you need a waterproof tile backer board…Wedi Systems is what you are looking for.

Indispensable under tile

This product is a foam board that is covered with a thin layer of fiberglass mesh and a thin cement coating. This makes a tile backer board that is waterproof, weather proof, lightweight and so easy to work with. Cut it to desired sizes and shapes; it is totally customizable. I like to think of it as lightweight building blocks for the most important room in your house. If you are remodeling your bathroom and are looking to build a custom shower, this is definitely the way to go. Don’t take my word for it, go check it out for yourself!

“Lightweight building blocks for the most important room in your house”.

I received a quick message in my inbox from Barrett asking if I would be interested adding Fire Creek tile to a Wedi Cathedral Shower Niche. Using handcraft art tile would be an excellent example of the endless possibilities there are for this product. I was excited for the opportunity to show that the Wedi Cathedral Niche could not only be functional but also decorative; a perfect place for a bit of color and intrigue.

“Dragonflies symbolize poise, joy and lightness”.

Deciding on the design was the hardest part…it’s a blank slate and I had SO many ideas. My first thought was a Mountain Meadow, but the height of the niche presented a challenge for that idea. Perhaps a Blue Heron…or maybe a graceful dragonfly… Yes! They symbolize poise, joy and lightness. Dragonflies are peaceful and calming. The perfect addition to add a spa like feel to your home.

So…here is the finished piece. This dragonfly tile is the largest that I have ever done. The size of it gave me a few fits, the dragonfly tile alone is 12 in x 20 in. It took patience and a couple of redos, to cut and cast this big boy successfully. I chose 4 inch hand-cut field tile in a stormy blue to draw the eye to the dragonflies in the piece.

Pulling it all together…

Imagine a shower wall in stunning stormy blue, hand-cut field tile, a custom dragonfly Wedi shower niche. Add cabinets of rustic dark wood topped with white countertops, throw in brushed bronze accessories and do you know what you have? You have a show stopping, rustic charmer of a bathroom for your lake house or beach house. What are you waiting for?

Thank you, Barrett and Wedi! I had a great time learning more about Wedi systems and how fantastic it works with my handcrafted art tile!

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Have a beautiful day!


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