It’s time to let the secret out. Fire Creek’s studio is moving this spring! The husband will be retiring in May, after 28 years with the City of Boise. It has always been the dream of ours to move deeper into the heart of Idaho. Though we aren’t sure where we will end up just yet; expect it nestled among the mountain peaks.

The of the studio move is to find a slower pace of life and a bigger, much bigger studio. Thanks to all of you wonderful people out there, the larger studio has become necessary. For years, Fire Creek has been operating out of my two-car garage bay. Along with the studio, this garage is the camping gear storage space. lawn tools and the husband’s woodshop. After the last tiff that I lost with kiln gods this summer; there will be the addition of a second kiln and separate kiln shed. So, the search for a property that will have a building to serve solely as a studio and perhaps a small shop/gallery, begins.

Pressing tile in the old studio.

I now understand what is important to me and what I want my work to convey…

Until the studio can reopen, what does that mean for Fire Creek? The kiln shuts down January 1 to prepare for the sale of the house and the move. Fire Creek custom orders are suspended until the studio is back up and running. In stock tile will still be available for purchase until January 15th.

Once the studio is closed, what then? During the Covid shutdown, I spent the time cooped up exploring new techniques and items to offer. This tile artist explored making mugs, plates, platters…. sgraffito and Mishima. I’ve learned the items and techniques that suit me and others that do not. While the studio sits empty, I plan to create a more cohesive body of work that compliments my tile work. After working as a full-time artist these last 10 years, I finally have found my true voice. Took me awhile, didn’t it? I now understand what is important to me and what I want my work to convey. The Fire Creek brand will be tightened up. And of course, there will be new tile designs and the discontinuation of older designs.

“Keep up to date on the journey of moving the studio and finding our little piece of paradise…”

field tile
Cutting tile in the old studio

Over these next few months, I don’t want to lose touch with you. And, I need your help. Tell me about your suggestions for new tile designs. I have a notebook ready to make a list! Share thoughts of how I can help you better with tile for your handmade tile installations. What do I need from you? Over the next few months, I will be sending out surveys to get a better idea of who you are and what you need, in terms of tile and ceramic art for your home. I would be grateful if you would take just a few moments to fill out the surveys that interest you. Subscribe to Behind the Tile newsletter, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the contact page for additional ways to contact me. Keep up to date on the journey of moving the studio, finding our little piece of paradise and settling in for bigger and better things that are on the horizon.

I am forever grateful for each and every one of you. Those that I have worked with, who like and comment on my work and push me to be better every day. Hang around and help me make Fire Creek even better in the coming year. Thank you!


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