Welcome awkward rose bunchers, carnations clump mutilators and mum bouquet manglers! The hours of staring glassy eyed at YouTube videos, desperate to learn the black magic that IS flower arranging are countless. The money spent on community education classes only to have arrangements still sitting haphazardly in the vase, is worthless. You are not alone.

I have a confession to make. I once was an unwitting hibiscus hacker. Every bouquet purchased or received wound up lopsided in a vase. Some stems I cut too long and end up towering over the poor stems too short to peek over the rim of the vase. Quite often, the vase was either too small or too large for the bundle of flowers in my possession. I had to find a way to save the flowers that followed me home from certain embarrassment.

Enter the Flower Brick. Now, flower bricks aren’t a new thing. In fact, they have been around since the 18th century. A wonderful invention of a hollow ceramic rectangular block with various holes in top to hold flowers in position. A perfect floral arrangement every single time. Flower bricks are hard to find these days and necessity is the mother of invention. So, I did a thing…..

Introducing Fire Creek’s interpretation of a flower brick. Hand built from a slab of clay and decorated in sgrafitto depicting wild birds and flora…Mountain Chickadees, Hummingbirds, Mountain Bluebirds, Monarch Butterflies and Dragonflies. Available in 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch tall sizes; perfect to hold more than a dozen roses, a bunch of mums or a cluster of daisies. Look for them in the next shop update coming in November 2021, just in time for Christmas shopping. Be sure to sign up for Behind the Tile to be the first to hear about the next shop update!

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