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Meet the artist of Fire Creek Clay

~Fire Creek Clay is here to help you personalize your home with unique, custom ceramic tile~

The creation of the tiles begins in the quiet woods. I am there with my sketch book- sometimes a very small pocket-sized one, that fits into my backpack. I love to bring back the beauty of the backcountry to create a moment in time, when all is well and beautiful in nature. These gorgeous tiles with nature themes symbolize my feelings and love of all living things and the outdoors. It was YOU that I had in mind, when I selected sketches that would become tiles that are breathtaking, capture emotions that enrich the senses and soothe our souls.

Me, somewhere in the wilderness…

I am a graduate of Boise State University. I  have taken numerous classes in clay, but I am mostly self-taught. Clay is my passion and I fell in love with the feel of clay from the first moment. I love carving into the clay to create something magical.  Years of experience have taught me how to craft beautiful and durable tiles.  Trial and error, experimentation and perseverance have taken me on an amazing journey of exploring who I am as an artist and the legacy I want to leave behind.  I hope to bring to life sumptuous hues and gentle interplay of light, texture and dimension in each design.

It has always been a belief of mine that we should live in a home that reflects our authentic self.  A place where we can truly be at peace and  I craft my tiles with that in mind.  What is that you enjoy surrounding yourself with? For me it’s the gentle pines, the lazy bear and the docile deer but what is it for you?

I invite you to retreat into a glorious forest, where time has stood still, where you can delight in dazzling blooms of wild flowers, the grace of butterflies and the magnificence of the trees and animals. If you are lucky, you may see even a small clear stream filled with fish.

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Please get in touch! I would love to help you create a unique space that is all your own. 

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