There are 5 available colors to choose from in Fire Creek’s studio.  Translucent glazes that “break” and pool over texture work best with my accent tile. These glazes highlight and enhance the details of the carved design.  Contact me for any questions.  

Glazes are difficult to photograph, and computer monitors all vary. Be sure to order samples to determine if the color is the right fit for your home and lighting.

Fire Creek tile and finishes are suitable for installation in kitchen back splashes, fireplace/wood stove surrounds and bathroom installations. Tile can be used for flooring; however, gloss finishes often do not wear well in high traffic areas.

Fire Creek tile are crafted at .25 approximate inches to pair easily with commercial field tile. I recommend a professional tile contractor that is familiar with the unique qualities of handmade tile, for installation.


Craftsman Green– A beautiful is difficult to photograph. This glaze is a warm, sage green that breaks a rusty golden color over texture and flecks of rusty amber throughout. It has a highly reflective “iridescent” gloss finish.

Autumn- Highly variable glaze, with amber browns, grey blue, rusty red and beige tones. The glaze breaks a golden brown over deep texture but can obscure fine texture. This glaze has a mind of its own and every firing is unique. It is the perfect warm rustic glaze for country or cabin home.

Forest Green– A rich, deep translucent gloss glaze that breaks beautifully over texture. Gorgeous, jewel tone green glaze that never disappoints!

Amber– A rich, warm translucent amber brown gloss glaze that breaks beautiful over texture. A tried-and-true glaze that has been in studio for over 10 years.

Hand painted– For accent tile only, each tile is hand painted using underglazes and finished with a gloss clear glaze.

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