Craftsman Glaze Pack


Four of Fire Creek’s studio glazes that are perfect for the Craftsman style.  Gun Metal, Copper Patina, Agate and Speck Moss

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Craftsman Glaze Pack

Gun Metal, Copper Patina, Agate, Speck Moss



The Craftsman Glaze Pack are the perfect glazes for those with Craftsman style homes or those who really love the look.  These glazes are all matte green glazes with high variations in the glaze.  Each one just a little different but all wonderful in your craftsman inspired tile installation.


This glaze pack includes:

  • Gun Metal: A sage green background with a minty green overlay. Sometimes a flash of turquoise appears depending on the kiln environment.  This is the lightest of the Craftsman Matte glazes.
  • Copper Patina: A dark cool matte green with variations of mid-tone greens and a very light green where applied thickly.  A gorgeous glaze for field tile.
  • Agate: A matte glaze with high variations of earthy blue, mossy green and grey.
  • Speck Moss: A beautiful glaze with high variations of a turquoise blue and mossy green.  This glaze also has a wonderful texture to its overall finish.

Fire Creek offers over 30 beautiful glazes to compliment any home decor.  We strive to photograph each glaze accurately.  However, some glazes are highly complex and it is hard for the camera to catch all of the subtleties of each glaze.  To ensure that you have the perfect glaze for your home, be sure to order a sample pack.


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