Eagle Gift Tile


This beautiful tile celebrates the strength and beauty of these majestic creatures.  Every 4 x 8 tile is hand carved and set into a handcrafted Oak frame.  The finished piece measures 6.5 x 10.25 inches and has a wire on the back for easy hanging.

As with handmade items, every piece is unique and each piece may vary slightly from the photo shown.

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Eagle Gift Tile

handcrafted by Fire Creek Clay

EagleEagle Gift Tile: Bald Eagles are a breathtaking if you ever have the opportunity to see them in the wild.  They are extraordinary creatures and a sight to behold. These amazing animals can be found in Alaska, Canada and much of North America.  Once on the endangered species list, their numbers have rebounded.  Eagles prefer to live along coastlines and other water sources where fish is abundant.  Though they have strong talons, they often prefer to eat carrion over hunting.  As a spirit animal, the Eagle symbolizes freedom and enlightenment.  This hand carved tile celebrates the awesomeness of this creature. The tile is set into a hand crafted Oak frame and comes with a wire on the back for easy hanging.  The finished piece measures 6.5 x 10.25 inches.

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