Green Sample Pack


A sample pack of greens from light to dark.  This pack includes Celadon, Dark Green, Agate and Lustre.

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Green Sample Pack

Celadon, Dark Green, Agate, Lustre

Green Sample

The Green Sample Pack is a pack of four green hues ranging from light Celadon green to dark, moody Lustre green.  These are great glazes for the natural, country home, cabin, or any home looking to add the serenity of nature.  Two of the glazes are translucent and are perfect for any accent, relief art tile.  They puddle and pool to highlight details in the relief tile.

This pack includes:

  • Celadon Green:  A cool toned light green glaze that is transparent and glossy.  Perfect for field tile or accent art tile.
  • Dark Green: A pleasant dark green glaze that is transparent and glossy.  This glaze is also perfect for field tile or accent tile.
  • Agate: A matte glaze with a lot of variation ranging from warm grey, green and a touch of blue.  Pairs beautifully with Celadon and perfect for field tile.
  • Lustre:  A glossy dark green glaze with flecks of spearmint green and a touch of metallic sheen. Gorgeous as a field tile.

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