Hobnail Accent Tile 1×4 Inch


Fire Creek’s Handcrafted Hobnail Accent tile is crafted from stoneware clay and hi fired for durability and beauty.  This tile measures 1×4 in and is approximately 1/4 in thick to pair easily with commercial tile or Fire Creek’s hand cut field tile.



Hobnail Ceramic Tile

Handcrafted accent tile 1″x4″



Fire Creek’s Hobnail Tile. Nothing makes a country house a home than Hobnail Milk Glass.  Made to emulate Glass, this tile is Fire Creek’s newest accent tile design.    This tile makes the perfect understated small accent in combination with the also classic subway tile, or consider using it to frame one of Fire Creek’s larger accent tiles.

I craft every tile from stoneware clay and hi fire for beauty and durability. They  are approximately 1/4″ in thickness to install easily beside commercial tile or Fire Creek’s hand cut field tile.  This tile is available in any of our available glazes.  Learn about the tile process.

Additional information

Weight.10 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 1.25 × .5 in