Neutral Sample Pack


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Neutral Sample Pack

Chowder, Camel, Oyster and Cocoa Shino



The Neutral Sample Pack is a set of four glazes that pairs beautifully with the translucent gloss glaze, Camel.   This sample pack is great for the warm, neutral pallet and varies from light cream to a dark, moody taupe.

This pack includes:

  • Camel Gloss Glaze:  This glaze is perfect for any of Fire Creek’s accent art tile.  The translucent glaze puddles and pools in the details of the design.
  • Chowder Gloss Glaze:  An opaque, creamy white glaze that will break a warm taupe over texture.  This is a great glaze for field tile to compliment the accent tiles in camel.
  • Oyster: A soft, semi-matte glaze that varies from a cozy beige to a lighter beige that gives it a textured look.  A perfect glaze for field tile to compliment the Camel Translucent glaze of your accent tile.
  • Cocoa Shino: A true matte glaze that is a very dark brown but breaks a lighter cream for high variation. The finish lends a “sandy” type texture to the tile.  Another great glaze for field tile.

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