Tropical Birds 6 in x 8 in Ceramic Tile


Tropical Birds

Dreaming of lush rainforests and ocean breezes…
Do you love the warm, salty ocean breezes, the smell of coconut and the brightly colored birds that soar above the lush rainforests?  Why not have it all year round with this gorgeous 6″x8″ Scarlet Macaw Ceramic Tile! This tile is 1/4 inch in thickness to compliment any natural stone, commercial tile or our hand cut field tile.  Why have the same tile that your neighbors have, when you can have custom, handmade tile that reflects your personality!

This tile is crafted from stoneware clay and fired to almost 2200 degrees for durability.  You can install the beautiful birds indoors, outdoors, or have it framed with one of our handmade oak frames.  Choose from hand painted, as pictured above, or from many of our available glazes in the store.  We have colors to compliment any décor!

Why have boring box store tile when you can have tile made just for you!

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Tropical Birds Tile

hand crafted by Fire Creek Clay

Tropical BirdsTropical Birds Ceramic Tile by Fire Creek Clay

Set the stage for your very own tropical paradise using our Tropical Birds 6 in x 8 in Ceramic Art Tile in your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace tile project.  Why have boring box store tile when you can have custom ceramic tile that reflects your style?  We hand carve every tile from a slab of clay, cut to size and cast in plaster.  There are no C & C machines at Fire Creek Clay, only one artist designs, carves and glazes each tile just for you.  Just the way you want it.   You can read about our tile process HERE.

We make every tile from stoneware clay and fire to almost 2200 degrees to produce a durable tile.  You can install our tile indoors, outdoors or have them framed in one of our custom oak frames.  Our tile is grooved on the back for maximum adherence for wall installations.

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