When the lazy days of summer comes calling…

I go on dreaming…

It has been an unusual summer for Fire Creek. The weather has been extraordinarily pleasant.  So unlike the hot dry heat we here in Idaho are so accustomed to. As I sit here talking with you, I am sitting on my back patio. Completely enjoying the cool gentle breeze that stirs my wind chime from sleep. It has left me in a rather reminiscent mood. As I sit listening to the birds chirp,  I dream about the future of my little business.

My backyard

With the chaos that sometimes occurs when you have two teenaged boys, I was unable to attend the summer art shows that I normally do. It was a bittersweet decision. I would miss the income that the shows provide for my family. But importantly, I would miss the camaraderie that I have developed with so many other artists and customers alike. Those who I  have the chance to see only once a year. With the time off, I have had time to reflect on what has worked for Fire Creek Clay and what hasn’t. I  had the opportunity to dream about how I would like to grow as an artist.

I would like to move Fire Creek away from gift tiles and more toward tiles for glorious kitchen back splashes, grand fireplaces and other unique spaces.  That doesn’t mean I won’t frame one of my tiles; if you have a need for a special gift. I feel that my vision and my carving have improved over the years and I am more confident in what I have to offer. I believe that it is time to move away from my older designs and create something new.

A little sneak peek…

My boys will head off for Philmont within the next few days. Have you heard of it? Philmont is a phenomenal High Adventure Camp for Boy Scouts. Their trip will include a 72 mile trek with a COPE’s course, Black powder shooting, Rock Climbing and hiking to the summit of Baldy Mountain at 12, 441 feet in elevation! As they are trudge through the wilderness for a full ten days, I will have the much-needed, uninterrupted time to carve new designs. Currently, I have 15 new designs that are ready to carve and I can’t wait to show them to you.

Through out the next month or two, you will notice a change in my website. Gone will be the tiles that do not measure to a standardized tile size. Discontinued Fire Creek tiles will be the fish tiles, certain Celtic knots, the frog tile and along with a few others.  I would like for all of my designs to work easily with commercial tiles and several of my older pieces do not.

With the transition away from gift tiles, my next decision is to decide what shows I should apply to next year. I have enjoyed participating in every art show that I have done. But I have pondered the thought that maybe there is a better place for Fire Creek Clay. Perhaps a Home Show would be a better arena my tiles? A change to a Home Show would mean that seasons would change for me.  Instead of working all winter to prep for summer shows, I would then work all summer to prep for January/February shows.  What do you think?

I am excited to move forward from here. Those who know me know that I don’t like sitting still for very long.  I feel like I have been sitting here long enough and its time for a change. I hope that you will come along with me.

FINAL logo without canvas

~Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thank you to those who have gotten me to where I am today. Many friends and family have encouraged me, supported me, visited me at art shows and bought things from me. Those who have pushed me to go beyond ‘good enough’. I love you and appreciate you all.


Do you have a moment? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think of this new direction, about my work, or anything else you might have to say.



4 thoughts on “When the lazy days of summer comes calling…

  1. I love the work you do for home installation. I think home shows and expos could connect to you with designers that work in custom home building and remodeling.

  2. I think you are intended to create beauty that can be added to a home or business in some conventional and unconventional methods. Shifting your focus to home and construction shows allows for flexibly in summer schedules, more time in on the trails of Idaho.
    Your wilderness collection should be installed in every scout camp in American. Keep carving. Keep making beautiful tiles.

    1. Thank you, Marie for taking the time to respond. I needed to hear your words of encouragement. And you are right…I need more time on the trails of Idaho! 🙂

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