6 Inch Nuthatch Tile-Hand Painted

Introducing the “Upside Down” Red Breasted Nuthatch Sculptural Art Tile by Fire Creek Clay.

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing one of these little puffs of energy? These tiny little birds love to skitter up and down the trunks of pine trees. They search for tasty insect morsels that are hiding beneath the bark. Nuthatches can be hard to find due to their size and coloring. But once you hear their “Yank-Yank” call, you’ll know one is near by.

The best thing about these little guys is that they are amazing acrobats. You can find them racing head first down the trunk of a tree. They dangling upside down from pine cones. Another cool fact…they gather globules of resin from conifer trees and place it around the doorway of their nests to keep out predators. In order to escape the resin themselves as they come in and out of their home, they dive head first into their holes. You can find more information about these incredible creatures on the All About Birds website.

“I love these creatures enough to celebrate them in clay.”

I happen to have a couple of Red Breasted Nuthatches that visit me in the Spring. Their “yank-yank” call actually sounds to me more like a baby duck that has just sucked down the helium from his birthday balloon. It makes me chuckle every time. Once I hear it, I make a run for my pine trees to see if I can find them scampering around the trunk of the tree.

I love these creatures enough that I had to celebrate them in clay. Fire Creek would like to introduce you to the newest design. “Upside Down” is a 6 inch hand carved sculptural tile of a curious nuthatch hanging upside down and plucking pine nuts from a pine cone. This is the first tile in a triptych. The photos below are the tiles that are left to carve in the series.

The tile is .25 inches thick to pair easily with commercial tile or choose Fire Creek hand cut field tile to complete the rustic feel to your tile installation. Choose from any of our studio glazes or choose the hand painted option shown above for a truly rustic touch.

Do you love these little birds as much as I do? Put this beautiful tile as a feature in your fireplace surround or maybe above your stove! What do you love about these little birds, I’d love to hear!

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