Bear and Cub Tile

Introducing the Walk in Nature Series…

There is something special about walking into the backcountry and seeing things that you just can’t see from a car, an airplane or sometimes even by bike. There are landscapes out there that few have witnessed. In a world that encourages us to stay busy, and work and play includes sitting behind a screen, we find ourselves out of sorts and longing for nature. Not all of us have the time or expertise to explore the backcountry and adding natural elements and accents to our homes help balance the chaos of urban life.

…this piece invites the viewer to sit down, look closely and explore the wilderness.

Inspired by nature, Fire Creek designs tiles that bring home natural elements. The Walk in Nature series made to bring the joy, wonder and the mystery of the wilderness, home. With intricately carved detail, this piece invites the viewer to sit down, look closely and explore the wilderness.


Inspired by Lake Imogene in the Sawtooth Wilderness. A gorgeous alpine lake nestled into the Sawtooth Mountains here in Idaho. I wanted to create tiles that spoke to the importance of wilderness and wildlife. A piece that with all six tiles together, would be large enough to be a presence in a large, cabin fireplace. And using only a few tiles, it is an art piece for a smaller area and still feels complete.

Bull moose

Currently, there are four art tiles in the series. A Mama Bear and Cub, Blue Herons, a Bullmoose and Curious Foxes. There are two more tiles to come before the series is complete. Be sure to watch for the Deer Family tile and the Wolf Pack tile.

This series is to celebrate those places and to share the wonder of them with those who have not been. My hope is that you find the joy and wonder that was carved into this series.

Thanks for visiting! Tell me what you think of the piece. I’d love to hear your thoughts. ~Dana

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