Fire Creek Clay
Dana Higby carving tile

Welcome to Fire Creek Clay!

I am so glad that you are here!

      For me, my pieces are more than just a ceramic tile. Each design stands as a place in time, a memory of a beautiful place or creature that I have experienced on my treks into my home state, and other places as well.  I consider it a gift to transform these memories into something tangible, something to have always.

      All of my pieces are unique and I can create custom designs as well.  Do you have an idea to make your home something special…something different than every other house in your neighborhood?  Why be the same as everyone else?  Let Fire Creek Clay help you create the space of your dreams; a space that reflects you.  From fireplace surrounds, to kitchen backsplashes, or how about really shaking things up and tiling an accent wall with handmade tile in gorgeous hues.

     Take some time to peruse through the pages of the site.  There are some beautiful tiles and more are added all of the time.  Can’t find what you are looking for? Send me an email or give me a phone call and we will work out the perfect tile for you!

Let Fire Creek Clay help you design a home unique to you today!

I look forward to hearing from you!


One Reply to “Welcome To Fire Creek Clay”

  1. Hello Dana,

    I would like to send you copies of the latest Artisan Tile Northwest Members Guide. Most members are taking 50 copies to distribute. How many can I send you?

    Could you confirm your mailing address and email for me, please? I didn’t get one from the membership list.


    Larry Faucher
    ATNW Publishing Chairman

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