Wildlife Tile Series




All things share the same breath the beast, the tree, the man. The air shares its spirit with all the life it supports”. ~Chief Seattle

wildlife tile
4″x8″ Horned Owl Tile

Introducing the new Wildlife Tile Series by Fire Creek Clay

The solitude and peacefulness is what many seek when traipsing through the forest.  But if one is lucky, you may catch the glimpse of a fox, scurrying through the brush or the bold, curious stare of a white tail deer.  These moments are priceless gems of a walk through wilderness and reminds us that we  are all connected.

wildlife tile
4″x8″ Beaver Tile

Animals of the wilderness are important in our lives in many ways.  For centuries, critters of the forest provided sustenance and still does for many families.  Unsuspected visits from creatures, can be a gentle reminder of a loved one long passed. Wildlife can often represent values and characteristics that we hold dear such as the Eagle who signifies strength and freedom to many.  The spirit animals are important in many cultures. Many find guidance and knowledge with the Bear, or courage and determination with the Moose.

wildlife tile
4″X8″ ceramic Pronghorn tile

For whatever reason we feel ourselves drawn to the animals of the forest, we often surround ourselves with their images to remind us of what we are looking for in them. Fire Creek Clay’s Wildlife Ceramic Tile Series brings 8 different animals each with their own personality, an Owl, a Beaver, Pronghorn, a Bison, an Eagle, a Fox, a mama Grizzly with her cub, and a Bob white to your home.

wildlife tile
4″x8″ Bobwhite Tile


Each of the designs are carved and cast in plaster.  Clay is pressed into each mold and then carefully hand painted and fired twice.  The 4″ x 8″ tiles are fired to just over 2200 degrees for strength and durability. The Wildlife Series would make a stunning rustic fireplace hearth for a cabin or country home. Tumbled 4′”travertine stone field tiles would pair beautifully with several wildlife tiles placed casually throughout the hearth. Finish the fireplace with a richly stained timber mantel, to accentuate the warm browns in the tile.  For bolder statement, perhaps pair animals from the wildlife series with field tiles glazed in a my warm amber brown glaze, using a mixture of 4″  tiles and 1″ field tiles.

Consider framing a critter tile for a unique gift or if you are fond of a particular tile and aren’t ready to commit to a home remodel.  Fire Creek’s frames are beautifully handcrafted from oak.

wildlife tile
4″x8″ Red Fox Tile

The Wildlife Tile Series can be used as an accent to any tile installation within your home.  Handmade tiles are a great way to add unique, rustic décor to your space.  Watch for more critters in the series. An Elk, Moose, Wolf and Raccoon will soon be added to the collection!

Which wildlife tile is your favorite? Where can you see installing some of the wildlife tiles in your home? Find all of Fire Creek Clay’s animal tiles here. Please leave a comment for me below.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

wildlife tile
4″x8″ Bison Tile
wildlife tile
4″x8″ Eagle Tile


“If all beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit”. ~Chief Seattle

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