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Custom Tiles ~ Personalize your home!

Custom Tiles
6 inch Rose Tile

“Home is where your story begins.”

Using Fire Creek Tiles in your next remodel project, can personalize your home the way big home improvement stores can’t.   

We have been in our house for almost 16 years! Holy Cow, where does the time go?  In those 16 years, we have yet to make any kind of improvements to our home.  You know…we were busy with trying to keep up with two boys…who has the time.  Now that our boys are older, I have the time to look around my house and notice all of the old, out dated stuff in our home.  The kitchen had to be first.  I walked around the typical Box Home Improvement Stores that every town has, trying to decide what to do with my kitchen.  New countertops was a must and I would love to have a beautiful tile backsplash…cuz you know… I love tile.

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