Upside Down Nuthatch

6 Inch Nuthatch Tile-Hand Painted Introducing the "Upside Down" Red Breasted Nuthatch Sculptural Art Tile by Fire Creek Clay. Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing one of these little puffs of energy? These tiny little birds love to skitter up and down the trunks of pine trees. They search for tasty insect morsels that are hiding beneath the bark. Nuthatches can be hard to find due to their...
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custom tile

How to get the custom tile of your dreams.

Here at Fire Creek...I get wanting to live in a home that reflects your individual, unique personality. We all have things that we are drawn to, make us feel unique and special, comfortable and safe. We all want a home that reflects who we truly are. Did you know that most of the work that I do is custom work? Any of my designs can be glazed to compliment interior decor, but Fire Creek can do...
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New Jack Rabbit Designs

The inspiration behind the new rabbit tiles. As we all have lately, the arrival of that dreaded virus has resulted in giving us all a lot of spare time on our hands. There are many of us that are desperately searching for ways to creatively fill the long hours that fall between the cup of coffee and the evening cocktail. If you were to peruse the pages of my sketch pad, you would find about a...
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remodeling quick tips

Quick Remodeling Tips for the DIY’ers.

Bits of advice to get your diy remodeling project off to a great start. This little virus is reeking havoc across the globe. There is no toilet paper, shelves are bare and events are cancelled. If you're like me, you've got some spare time on your hands.  With no place to go and staring at the same four walls, my hubby and I went stir crazy.  That is how we found ourselves in the middle of a...
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Spring flowers are blooming

March has finally arrived, the sun is shining a bit more and the studio is finally warming up some. The birds have returned to the yard. Spring flowers will soon begin to peek their heads up from their winter slumber. Well, spring flowers are already blooming here at the Fire Creek studio! Introducing... Magnolia Border Tile in Hand Painted Introducing the Magnolia Flower bouquet; a design sure...
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purchase tile online

How to purchase tile online with confidence!

It is here! That time of year has arrived once again...the holidays are over, the decorations have come down and now you are feeling the itch to spruce up that home of yours. It's remodeling season...the most wonderful time of the year! You know that you need a new backsplash, or maybe you want to up the tile game in the guest bathroom. You've been scouring the internet for ideas, suggestions;...
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Exclusive Landscape Ornament

Of the esteemed Graycliff The new exclusive landscape ceramic ornament for Graycliff and Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts. Handcrafted tile artists and the style and philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright have always gone hand in hand it seems. Where you find one, you'll often find the other. "Frank Lloyd Wright believed beauty, the arts,and communion with nature were vital to the well-being of people....
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Walk in Nature Art Tile Series

Introducing the Walk in Nature Series... There is something special about walking into the backcountry and seeing things that you just can't see from a car, an airplane or sometimes even by bike. There are landscapes out there that few have witnessed. In a world that encourages us to stay busy, and work and play includes sitting behind a screen, we find ourselves out of sorts and longing for...
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Dragonfly Art Tile

Using Wedi Systems 16 x 30 inch Cathedral Niche I get lucky every once in awhile and get the chance to collaborate with some pretty awesome people that I meet while working with Fire Creek. Collaborating and networking with those in my industry help me find the best new tips, tricks and products to share with you. It also gives me the chance to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try something...
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A Complete Guide to Fire Creek Handmade Field Tile

What the heck is field tile, why do I want it handmade and how do I go about choosing the perfect handmade tile for my home. Hang tight. I am here to help! Field tile is the canvas to your accent tile. They are the "filler" tile, the tiles without accent or decoration and they set the stage for the decorative tile that you've chosen to jazz up above your stove in the kitchen or fireplace. Fire...
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