how to care for handmade pottery
Majestic Mountain Mug

You just made a purchase of handmade ceramic pottery. The mug you use brings you so much joy every day, but you wonder, ‘what is the best way to care for my new handmade pottery piece so that it lasts for a very long time?’ Fire Creek hand built pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe, but using abrasive dishwasher detergent and the contraction and expansion that occurs during heating in the microwave can shorten the life of your pottery. So, let me tell you how to care for handmade pottery.

Here are some of the best practices to ensure that your pottery will last a lifetime.

  • Hand washing is best.
  • Use a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush or sponge.
  • Avoid using metal brushes or scouring sponges
  • Dry with a soft cloth
  • Avoid rapid changes in temperate, cold to hot and hot to cold
  • Avoid bumping, dropping with other dinnerware pieces.

Here at Fire Creek Clay studio, we understand that life can get in the way and the use of a dishwasher and microwave is necessary. Fire Creek pottery is built to withstand everyday in this way, so go ahead and wash your new mug in the dishwasher. If you want to be sure that your piece has a long life, instead give it a wash by hand.

Now that you know how to care for handmade pottery, why don’t you add a few more items to your collection. Visit the Fire Creek Marketplace and pick out a new piece to bring home.

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