An elegant plate crafted just for you.

Introducing handcrafted dishware for the vision impaired, coming Spring 2024 to Fire Creek’s Shop. Let me tell you why I created these beautiful dishes and why I think they are my new favorite items in my shop.

In 2019, my dad lost all but 10% of his vision due to years of glaucoma, eye surgeries and retina detachments. October 2023 would find him fighting the battle of his life. He was admitted to ICU at the Boise VA Hospital for 7 days with Meningitis and Encephalitis due to the West Nile Virus and it left him sapped of strength and a little off balance. With the excellent care of the wonderful staff of both the VA Hospital and their Rehab Center, my tough, determined dad beat the odds.

Eventually, he was able to sit at the edge of the bed and eat a real meal. I watched as my independent father grew frustrated with chasing food around his plate. A quick conversation with the Occupational Therapist did the trick. She brought in an industrial looking metal lip that clipped onto his plate. It worked like a charm to help him push food up to the lip and get bites onto his utensil. However, he had to wait for someone to clip it onto his plate for him, it looked garish, and it was something that he wouldn’t have access to once he returned home. Being the independent fella that he is, he needed something that would serve the same function. Something that is beautiful, and quietly helps. Something he would have access to at home and could use on his own.

A beautiful, everyday plate with a little extra oomph…

Handcrafted ceramic plate for vision impaired.  A 90 angle on half the plate to catch food and put it on the fork.

I returned home and headed straight to the studio. My goal was to create a plate that would help my dad retain his independence and confidence during meals. I wanted him to have beautiful dishware to use every day. It took several tries to settle on the perfect design. A simple plate with half of the rim lifted in a soft 90-degree angle, while leaving the rest of the rim like a typical plate; this allows for the utensils to enter the eating area of the plate unobstructed, while catching the utensil on the other side of plate to help push food back towards the fork.

The bend in the rim leaves a graceful undulation at the 12 o’clock and the 6 o’clock position making it easy to feel the position of the plate. This placement keeps the plate in a natural position to push food across the plate to the lip and help push food onto the fork. Right-handed, place the higher lip on the left. Left-handed, place the higher lip on the right.

A stoneware ceramic plate makes it a nice weight that won’t slide easily while eating. and the glaze is specifically formulated to withstand silverware. The dinner plate measures a generous 9.5 inches to hold the heartiest of meals. And the best part? You don’t have to wait for anyone to clip anything on for you, there isn’t anything extra to wash, it is your beautiful, everyday plate with a little extra oomph to help keep food on the plate and get it on to the fork. The perfect dishware for the vision impaired.

Available Spring 2024

handmade ceramic dish for vision impaired shown with a beef stew and side salad.

So, if you have low vision or a vision impairment that makes using a typical dinner plate difficult, this is the answer for you. Are you a caregiver of someone with a visual impairment? This is a great way to help them gain back independence and confidence. A beautiful, carefully crafted ceramic plate with no extra add ons, or clip ons. Just you, living your best life with beautiful things crafted for just for you.

Dad says he loves his new plates because: “He can eat confidently with others without the fear of appearing like a ‘slob’. He doesn’t have to chase his food around the plate. And he can eat independently without someone to help him eat. ”

Never again be embarrassed to share a meal with others or be frustrated with eating a meal. You deserve to enjoy an independent life.

Look for the dishware for the Vision Impaired in the Fire Creek Shop in the Spring of 2024. Choose from a soft beechnut glaze, sage green or walnut.

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