Dishware for the Vision Impaired

An elegant plate crafted just for you. Introducing handcrafted dishware for the vision impaired, coming Spring 2024 to Fire Creek’s Shop. Let me tell you […]

Trust in the Journey

“I’m learning to trust the journey, even though I do not understand it.” Mila Bronit This year was to be about adventure and new beginnings…but […]

When the kiln gods disapprove

Potters hold fast to superstitions and folklore. Take, for example, the temperamental kiln god. Some devise tiny ceramic icons in their likeness to gain their […]

Dragonfly Art Tile

Using Wedi Systems 16 x 30 inch Cathedral Niche I get lucky every once in awhile and get the chance to collaborate with some pretty […]

Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home.

Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home. ~ And they are easier to care for than you think! I WANT ceramic tile […]

The Tile of Kings

Angevin Rose A new handcrafted tile set by Fire Creek Clay. Inspiration is everywhere and often found in the most unlikely of places.  Fire Creek designs are often inspired by […]

Custom Tiles ~ Personalize your home!

“Home is where your story begins.” Using Fire Creek Tiles in your next remodel project, can personalize your home the way big home improvement stores […]

As The Tile Crumbles…

As the Tile Crumbles ~ The Ongoing Saga of a Girl and her Little Bits (of tile). It is very easy to get too big for […]

Ketchum Arts Festival

Summer Art Festivals are here! My first art show of the season is the Ketchum Art Festival in the beautiful mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho! […]

Welcome To Fire Creek Clay

Welcome to Fire Creek Clay! I am so glad that you are here!       For me, my pieces are more than just a ceramic tile. Each […]