Interested in ceramic tile or mural created just for you?


Contact Fire Creek today if you are looking for a way to personalize your living space with natural or wildlife ceramic art tile. I create my work to encourage the curiosity of the natural world around us. I strive to focus on the beauty and wonder of nature through realism in my ceramic art tile. There are many beautiful tiles in the shop that are very different than what you would find at any big store.  But if you are looking for something specific, I can create the perfect design for your home.

3 Easy Steps to your custom tile.


There are so many options, requests and situations that Fire Creek has done away with a set pricing for custom tile. The process of drawing up a design, the time carving a design, the cost of plaster to cast a mold does incur a design fee. The cost depends on the size of the tile, the intricacies of the design and whether the design is to be an exclusive design with a destruction of the mold. Please use the contact form below to receive an estimate for the work that you require.

Fire Creek creates ceramic art tile from stoneware clay, hand carved and glazed. Ceramic art tile is suitable for installation in kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and in bathroom. Price for custom tile includes, design, carving, casting, and finished tile.

The Process

Initial Consultation

An opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other. We discuss the details of the project, the project timeline, expected shipping date and more.

Initial Deposit and work begins:

Before work begins, a non-refundable deposit (50% of the total cost, not including shipping) is paid. In process photos are sent upon completion of the sketch, completion of the carving and completion of the tile.

The Final Tile:

All tile design/molds are the property of Fire Creek Clay and may be sold at our discretion, unless otherwise negotiated.

Fire Creek currently does not handle custom orders for pottery.

Are you ready? Fill out the contact form below!

Dana Higby ~ Fire Creek Clay

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