Custom Designs with Fire Creek Clay

Are you looking for a way to personalize your home and need a little something special?  We have many beautiful tiles in our shop that are very different than what you would find at any big store.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can custom design a tile for you.  Here is what you get with Fire Creek Clay’s Custom Design Tile Package:

Individual Custom Tile Design 

prices beginning at $10.00

  • Interview and a free simple concept sketch.
  • Conceptual draw up of the tile design with up to 3 revisions of design.
  • Approval of the design prior to the carving of the design.
  • Photo of finished carving for approval.
  • $10 for 4 Inch Custom Tile Design
  • $17.50 for 6 Inch Custom Tile Design
  • $32.50 for 8 Inch Custom Tile Design
  • $75.00 for 12 Inch Custom Tile Design.

Design fee does not include the cost of the tile and the design fee is determined by the size of tile you have mind.  With Custom Designs, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  The non-refundable design fee is due upon receipt of the finalized conceptual drawing.

All tile design/molds are the property of Fire Creek Clay and may be sold at our discretion, unless otherwise negotiated.

We always answer inquires within 48 hours.  If you have not heard from us within that time frame, please check your spam folder.  Add to your contact list so that we don’t miss chatting with you! 

You can also contact me at

or call (208) 941-7460

Dana Higby ~ Fire Creek Clay