Magnolia Bouquet 4×12


The Magnolia Bouquet Tile measures 4 in x 12 in and approximately .25 in thick.  Crafted from stoneware clay and hi fired for durability and beauty.  This tile is perfect for your kitchen backsplash, fireplace or bathroom tile installation.


Magnolia Bouquet

12 Inch x 4 Inch


The Magnolia Bouquet Ceramic Tile is Fire Creek’s newest design. Measuring 4″x12″ makes this beautiful floral tile perfect for those who have a smaller space between a high backed stove and an over the range microwave.  Really, this tile would be stunning anywhere you need a little something special.

The magnolia flower symbolizes beauty and gentleness.  Brides craft their bridal bouquets with Magnolia flowers and buds to symbolize purity and nobility.

I carve each design from a slab of clay.   This Magnolia tile took over 36 hours to carve the fine details of each petal.  After carving, we cut the tile to size and cast in plaster.  We craft our tile from stoneware clay and hi fire for beauty and durability. Fire Creek tiles are perfect for your kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround or bathroom installation.  Fire Creek tiles are approximately .25 inch in thickness to pair easily with commercial tile for a budget friendly installation.

I craft custom made ceramic art tile just for you and your home.  You can learn about my tile crafting process.  Because every tile is handcrafted by one artist, please allow up to 6 weeks delivery.

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions12.25 × 4.25 × .5 in
Glaze Options

Craftsman Green, Hand Painted.