Hey! Won’t handmade tile get outdated quickly?

I get asked this question ALOT. And I have a great answer!

The word TREND is a noun meaning “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”. Thank you, SIRI….and trends are just that…fashionable designs that change from either season to season, year to year or on a larger scale even every decade.  All fashions change…yup, even everyone’s favorite trend of the moment…Farmhouse and Shiplap is a trend and will be popular for a few years until something else takes its place.  There is a reason that remodeling is BIG business.

If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you. ~Sarah Norwood.

I love this quote.  I truly believe that if you buy things that you love, your home will never be out of style.  Our homes should give us solace, a shelter in the storm.  The dwelling that we make as a home for our family should reflect our personality. We should surround ourselves with things that we love, that holds memories and evokes a sense of peace and security. Let’s live among things that make us happy, whether that be handmade tile, a sequin pillow, or perhaps that sea turtle sculpture you picked up on your first trip to Hawaii.  We should live among things that brings us peace and refreshes our soul, not what happens to be trending at the moment.

“…enjoy your home with what makes you happy while you’re living in it!”

And let me tell you of my recent experience with selling a home and buying a new one.  In March of 2022, we decided to put our home up for sale.  We put a lot of money into painting the entire home, putting in new carpet and new fixtures.  We sold the house that July…and do you want to know some harsh truth??? The new owners replaced the new carpet we had just put in and repainted the freshly painted walls.  I don’t blame them…but it proves the point that we all want to live in a home that fits us.  We spent the first few months in our new home with painting and some light remodeling.  So, I guess what I’m saying is…don’t worry about the re-sale…new owners are going to spend time and money to adjust the house to suit their needs anyway…so enjoy your home with what makes you happy while you’re living in it!

Fire Creek’s Mission is to help you create the look of your dreams.

Here at Fire Creek Clay, we live this mantra.  Fire Creek exists to create unique ceramic tile for your tile project to give you the meaningful design you are dreaming of.  We recently created beautiful hand carved Oak Tree tile for a client. Every day, this tile will remind her of one that she had picked out with her mother years before.  We have crafted sweet little pygmy goat tiles for a client who raises and shows them for a living. Fire Creek carved several different Loon tiles for a client raised in Minnesota and has fond memories of these beautiful birds during his childhood.  Fire Creek treasures every one of these beautiful stories and it keeps us striving to continue our work.

So, does handmade tile ever get outdated?  I don’t think so.  I believe it surpasses trends.  It is only out of date when you are ready for something new.  On your next tile project, take a look at handmade tile and see if anything catches your eye.  It could be the first step to creating the meaningful home you have been dreaming of.

Stop by Fire Creek’s Market to find the perfect handcrafted tile just for you and buck the trend!

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