Trust in the Journey

“I’m learning to trust the journey, even though I do not understand it.” Mila Bronit This year was to be about adventure and new beginnings…but […]

Big Horn Sheep 6 Inch Tile

Dusk was falling and the brisk September chill crystallized the air. I rounded the corner of the narrow, dirt road that led to the rented […]

How to purchase tile online with confidence.

It is here! That time of year has arrived once again…the holidays are over, the decorations have come down and now you are feeling the […]

Walk in Nature Art Tile Series

Introducing the Walk in Nature Series… There is something special about walking into the backcountry and seeing things that you just can’t see from a […]

Dragonfly Art Tile

Using Wedi Systems 16 x 30 inch Cathedral Niche I get lucky every once in awhile and get the chance to collaborate with some pretty […]

Why you need the Wilderness Compass Tile

“Now Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.” Walt Whitman Come on now…Compasses are cool. There is just something about them, something that draws […]

All you need to know about Fire Creek Clay for 2021

Boy, 2020 was a doozy, wasn’t it? I think that we are all ready for a new beginning and life returning to some sort of […]

A New Way to Think About a Trend in Interior Design

Hey! Won’t handmade tile get outdated quickly? I get asked this question ALOT. And I have a great answer! The word TREND is a noun […]

Secrets to a beautiful, handcrafted tile installation

You’ve decided to create a home that is a beautiful reflection of who you are, your hopes, your dreams… You want a home where your […]

Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home.

Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home. ~ And they are easier to care for than you think! I WANT ceramic tile […]