It is here! That time of year has arrived once again…the holidays are over, the decorations have come down and now you are feeling the itch to spruce up that home of yours. It’s remodeling season…the most wonderful time of the year!

You know that you need a new backsplash, or maybe you want to up the tile game in the guest bathroom. You’ve been scouring the internet for ideas, suggestions; the perfect tile. And you find it right here on Fire Creek Clay’s website but you are a little nervous to purchase such and important item online!

I am here to help you buy with confidence. First of all, give me a call, send me an email, read the help pages on the website. I am here to help answer an questions that you may have. I love to talk tile!

Fire Creek tiles are suitable for installations in kitchens, bathrooms and fireplace surrounds

Fire Creek tile designs begin with my sketch. I transfer the sketch to a slab of clay and the carving process can begin. I hand carve each and every design. There are no C & C machines here at Fire Creek, which means you truly get a work of art with every tile that you purchase. The vision and hand of the artist is in every piece. Once I finish the carving, I cast the tile in plaster so that I can make multiple copies of the same design. Mid-range stoneware clay is pressed into the molds and fired. After the first firing, the tiles are hand glazed and fired again to over 2000 degrees. Fire Creek tiles are suitable for installations in kitchens, bathrooms and fireplace surrounds.

Familiarize yourself with the best way to install handcrafted tile. The key to a beautiful installation that you are happy with starts with laying out your tile before you ever start to install. You can read all about the helpful tips and tricks on this post.

And last but certainly not least, Fire Creek wants you to be totally in love with your handcrafted tile. Expect slight variation in size and shape. Expect to see the hand of the artist in every tile. If the tile is not everything that you hoped and dreamed of, as long as the tile has not been installed, we can arrange return of your purchase.

Since you are here, stop by the shop and dream a bit. Fire Creek is available to do custom work, all you have to do is ask. Go on, create your dream living space. The sky is the limit!

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