Let me help you choose the right handmade tile for you.

After reading the Custom Tiles post, I know that you are pondering all of the possibilities that exist with custom tiles for your home.  Has it left you asking, how do I whittle down all of those possibilities down to one perfect choice for your home? Let me help…

  • Just where are your going to put this really amazing, made for you tile?

Whether you are installing this tile as a backsplash in a kitchen, a mural in a shower, tiles for your floor or perhaps tiles to decorate the risers of your stairs, make sure that you choose tile suitable for your location.  Not all tiles are a good fit for all locations.  Glossy tile can be easily cleaned as a backsplash, but can scratch easily if used on a heavily used counter top or flooring.  Tiles that have not been fired to vitrification (high fired tile that is resistant to water absorption) would not be a great choice for a shower or outdoor installation.  The artist creating the tile will be able to answer any questions that you have about durability.  Don’t be afraid to rely on the artist you are working with, they want your installation to be a success and they are a wealth of information.

  • So many color choices! How do you choose the right color for your home?

Color can evoke a feeling, an emotion and plays an important role in our homes’ décor.  Before choosing the color of your tile for your home, consider a few things:

What is the style of your home?  Certain tile designs work better with some style of homes than with others.  Rough edged tiles, warm neutral glazes are stunning in a country-style home or cabin.  Sleek white or black subway tiles reflect a modern home.  Choosing tiles that reflect the style of your home will help you get the most of your re-model, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose tile design that may seem unexpected in an predictable interior, just make sure that its a look you can live with for years to come.

How to Choose the right Tile
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Considering a bold or bright color? Bright, bold colors are perfect for drawing attention to a particular space, bright colors will highlight the spot behind the stove, or brighten a dark staircase.  Neutral colors can bring an overall soothing effect to a room.  Rich browns, warm earthy reds bring a cozy feel and work beautifully as a fireplace surround or in a kitchen.  A neutral tile installation will have a longer life compared to designs that are trendy. Are you considering using accent tiles? Using tiles that have a design on them are a great way to personalize your installation even more by creating a conversational piece or by reinforcing the rooms theme.  Use accent tiles sparingly to avoid a busy backsplash!

Whichever you choose, bright colors or neutral colors, it is important to make sure that the colors you choose harmonize with the existing decorative features in your home.  The wood or color of cabinets, the wall color, colors in the furniture, should all be considered when choosing your tile. 

  • There are so many different size and shapes of tiles, how do you know which would work best?

There are 4 inch tiles, 6 inch tiles, little itty bitty tiles, large tiles, and tiles of all different shapes.  Choosing the color was only the beginning, but now you must choose the size and shape of your tile.  There are so many wonderful possibilities and you must narrow it down.  Consider the size of the room.  Large tiles in a small room can make the room appear even smaller. But using 2 x 6 inch subway tiles can lengthen the look of a kitchen when used as the backsplash. Many small tiles in a large kitchen may be busy to the eye.   What does your room need? Tiles on the diagonal can add height, rectangular tiles can add visual space.  While considering tile size, remember that smaller tiles will mean more grout lines to treat and keep clean.

  • So, you’ve got an idea of color and size, but now what?

Keep in mind that the layout of tile can affect the feeling of a room. Using tile horizontally or diagonally can affect how big or small the room feels. Using long, skinny tiles or square tiles on the diagonal can add height to a room.  A good way to get a feel of a design in a room is to draw a picture of your room to scale and draw in your tile design.  You well get a good feel if you really do like the look.  Will subway tile as a backsplash while using a 4 inch tile on the diagonal for the countertop work for your kitchen? Another option is to order a good sampling of the tile in the size you want.  You can lay out a small area and get a better idea of what the installation will truly look like.

You will also want to develop a budget.  Commercial tiles are more inexpensive than natural stone and natural stone can be cheaper than handmade tile.  There is no hard fast rule that says you have to use the same tile through out, you can mix more expensive handmade tile with cost effective natural stone to stay within your budget.  If you would prefer handmade tile, keep in mind that handmade tile is created in  smaller quantities and usually require more lead time.  Handmade tile can have small variations in color and size but that individuality is part of their appeal.

  • You’ve read all the information, now get to it!

I do truly hope that you have found this information useful.  Fire Creek is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you need a little inspiration, visit the Gallery for ideas. Leave a comment if you have other helpful hints in choosing tile!



5 Replies to “How to choose the right tile for you.”

  1. I want to get tile installed in my bathroom. Thanks for the advice about getting a tile that matches your style. Another thing to do is to get tile that is affordable, durable, and easy to clean.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get some ceramic tiles for our bathroom, and I think that being able to do some research would be good for us. I’m glad you talked about how to choose the right color of ceramic tile, and I think that being able to base it off the style of our home would be smart. I’m going to have to see if we can figure out what we want for ceramic tiles, and hopefully we’ll get some quality finished results!

  3. I never thought that choosing the shape of the tile can make a room look smaller or bigger than it should be. Nor can its color can draw attention to an area or brighten up space. I am currently remodeling my bedroom right now and I am stuck on choosing which tiles to get for it. Reading your article certainly helped and that I will find tiles from a retailer soon so that not only will my bedroom look relaxing but also unique and stylish.

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