New Jack Rabbit Designs

The inspiration behind the new rabbit tiles. As we all have lately, the arrival of that dreaded virus has resulted in giving us all a lot of spare time on our hands. There are many of us that are desperately searching for ways to creatively fill the long hours that fall between the cup of coffee and the evening cocktail. If you were to peruse the pages of my sketch pad, you would find about a...
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All you need to know about Fire Creek Clay for 2021

Boy, 2020 was a doozy, wasn't it? I think that we are all ready for a new beginning and life returning to some sort of normalcy. 2020 wasn't all bad though. Like many of you, I found new activities to love, how important quality time with loved ones really is, and that a slower pace of life isn't so bad. With a little more free time on my hands, I had plenty of time to reflect Fire Creek had...
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Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home.

Ceramic tile countertops add beauty and personality to a home. ~ And they are easier to care for than you think! I WANT ceramic tile kitchen countertops. CRAZY, right??? I know! Perhaps, it is merely because I am a tile artist and have this funny obsession with tile, maybe it is because I was merely trying to save money by using my trade. There is some truth to those last two statements, but...
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Angevin Rose

The Tile of Kings

Angevin Rose A new handcrafted tile set by Fire Creek Clay. Inspiration is everywhere and often found in the most unlikely of places.  Fire Creek designs are often inspired by the backcountry and the animals that reside within.  Today, Fire Creek introduces The Angevin Rose Medallion and the story of its beginning is different. We study genealogy to answer the great questions of life;...
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Tips for choosing the right custom handcrafted tile.

  After reading the Custom Tiles post, I know that you are pondering all of the possibilities that exist with custom tiles for your home.  Has it left you asking, how do I whittle down all of those possibilities down to one perfect choice for your home? Let me help... Just where are your going to put this really amazing, made for you tile? Whether you are installing this tile as a backsplash...
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Custom Tiles ~ Personalize your home!

"Home is where your story begins." Using Fire Creek Tiles in your next remodel project, can personalize your home the way big home improvement stores can't.    We have been in our house for almost 16 years! Holy Cow, where does the time go?  In those 16 years, we have yet to make any kind of improvements to our home.  You know...we were busy with trying to keep up with two boys...who has the...
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Tile Process

Welcome To Fire Creek Clay

Welcome to Fire Creek Clay! I am so glad that you are here!       For me, my pieces are more than just a ceramic tile. Each design stands as a place in time, a memory of a beautiful place or creature that I have experienced on my treks into my home state, and other places as well.  I consider it a gift to transform these memories into something tangible, something to have always....
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