The inspiration behind the new rabbit tiles.

As we all have lately, the arrival of that dreaded virus has resulted in giving us all a lot of spare time on our hands. There are many of us that are desperately searching for ways to creatively fill the long hours that fall between the cup of coffee and the evening cocktail. If you were to peruse the pages of my sketch pad, you would find about a bazillion different sketches of odds and ends that may or may not end up carved eternally into clay. With the amount of free hours I suddenly had in my day, it made me realize the opportunity that I had to work on many of the designs that I had always wanted to but never had the time for. A revamping of the product line that I have had for so many years.

The Gentle

The month of March arrived like the lamb here in Idaho, with much warmer temperatures and blessed sunshine. The glorious spring like weather made it even more difficult to stay indoors, sheltered inside. Our situation called for a design that would bring a little whimsy, celebrate the season and give a little joy. Enter the discovery of the bunny sketches here…

I originally sketched the tiles for a Jackalope tile.”

The bunny sketches stemmed from a conversation that I had with a friend. We were reminiscing about the great mythical creature, the Jackalope…part Jack rabbit, part Antelope. A fierce creature that should be feared and revered. I originally sketched out the jackrabbit to create a Jackalope tile, a joke for the small group of people that would have any idea of what it was.

Shown hand painted finish

Though Jackalopes are amazing creatures, I didn’t see them being able to find their forever home easily. So, I dropped the antlers and carved the Jack rabbit brothers. Once the carving of the three was complete, it was easy to see that they were brothers. Introducing the Sentinel, the Curious, and the Gentle. There always seems to be the sibling that is looking out for the others, the sibling that is usually getting into some trouble, and the one who trusts the other two to keep them all safe.

Jack Rabbit
The Brothers shown in hand painted finish

Wildlife and nature are always subjects that find their way into my work. There is peace and solace in nature. Through observation, there are also great lessons. Take the rabbit for example, any gardner can tell you that these little guys are persistent. Stories say that “persistence pays off”. Maybe the jack rabbit has something to teach us during these uncertain times. Keep doing what you’re doing. One step at a time, one day at a time. Enjoy the time with your family, watch out for each other and shake your cotton tail to break up the monotony.” Aren’t they brilliant creatures?

Jack Rabbit
Shown in Hand painted finish

These hoppy little tiles measure 4×8 inches and .25 inches thick. They are crafted from stoneware clay for beauty and durability. Install these ceramic tiles in a kitchen backsplash, a fireplace surround or a bathroom surround. They pair easily with commercial field tile or Fire Creek field tile. Choose from a hand painted finish or any of our studio glazes.

I hope that these three tiles bring a little joy into your day. They brought me joy while I was working on them. Stay safe, friends.

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