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How to get the custom tile of your dreams.

Here at Fire Creek…I get wanting to live in a home that reflects your individual, unique personality. We all have things that we are drawn to, make us feel unique and special, comfortable and safe. We all want a home that reflects who we truly are.

Did you know that most of the work that I do is custom work? Any of my designs can be glazed to compliment interior decor, but Fire Creek can do more than that! Do you have a particular aesthetic that you are looking for that you can’t find in a big box store? How about a favorite pet that means the world to you that you want to incorporate into your home? Bet you can’t find that at a big box store!

Customized tile you can’t find just anywhere…

14 inch Spanish Sun, custom designed tile for a Boise Spanish style home.

I can take a photo or a vision that you have for your home and turn it into not only a beautiful accent tile but a work of art for your home. Nothing makes me happier than working with a homeowner or designer to create a home of their dreams. Here is how it works:

  • First, let’s talk together either by phone or email. I want to hear about the vision you have for your home. What is that is important to you, what colors do you love, what are you needing…simply accent tile or a whole tile installation plan?
  • Next, based on our initial conversation. I will draw up a design or installation plan. They are all hand drawn, but will give you an idea of what the finished project will look like.
  • Once you pick the look for you, I will get right to work carving the new design or crafting the tile for your project. Need to tweak one of the designs? No problem, you can make up to three revisions of the design to get exactly the look you are after.
  • Once the new design is carved, I’ll send you a sneak peek before the mold is cast.
  • It takes about 6-8 weeks after you decide on the design to the completed project. Why, because it’s all made by hand from one artist just for you! Who else can say that? No one but you!
  • Once you receive your order, lay everything out to be sure there was no damage during shipping. If there is? No worries, just take a photo of the damage and send me an email. I always recommend ordering 10% more than you think you will need in case this happens…this way…your installation won’t be delayed at all! But if you didn’t, I can get a replacement out to you as soon as I can.
  • Once your tile is installed…take a photo! I’d love to share your creation with the Fire Creek community. Your custom tile is beautiful, show it to the world. You can send photos to me by email at
  • Psst….looking for an absolutely exclusive design? I can do that too. You can buy the mold and I will break it for you so that no one will have the tile that you have!
  • Check out pricing for custom tile designs and let’s get started today!


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