Maple Leaf 4 Inch Tile


A beautiful 4 Inch Maple Leaf.  Hand crafted from stoneware clay for a durable and stunning tile.  Our tiles are 1/4 inch in thickness and pair will with commercial tile.  Every tile is hand crafted just for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

You can have tile that reflects your heart!

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Maple Leaf Tile

handcrafted by Fire Creek Clay

The Maple Leaf 4 Inch Tile.  The Maple tree symbolizes wisdom, connection and unity to many.  When the cool breezes of Autumn arrive and begins to turn the leafs from summer green to blazing reds and yellows, the Maple Leaf is the star of the show.  The Maple Leaf is special for many reasons to so many, why not bring this beautiful tile into your home.  You can live in a home that reflects your heart and surround yourself with tile that is meaningful to you.  Make your home a special place.

Each tile begins with a slab of clay, hand carved and then cast in plaster.  Take a moment to read about our tile process.  Fire Creek has several glazes for you to choose from in our shop.  A variety of colors to compliment any tile installation and décor. Our tiles are approximately 1/4 inch in thickness and pairs beautifully with commercial tile. Are you looking for a way to add unique texture and character, choose hand cut field tile from Fire Creek!  We can help you achieve the look of your dreams.  Our tiles are hand crafted just for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

You can have tile in your home that reflects your personality and what is important to you! Surround yourself with what you love and live authentically with custom tile.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 4.25 × .5 in